MMS Properties, LLC

Property Management

MMS Properties provides expert assistance to help manage your commercial property. A professional property manager is critical to ensure that your property makes a profit for you and is an enjoyable working space for your tenants.

If you own commercial property, but would like some assistance with the management of your property, let MMS do the work for you. We are a "turn-key" management company that has the proven ability to perform many of the numerous tasks that must be completed in order to keep tenants satisfied and bring profit to your bottomline.

As your property manager we perform such basic tasks as 1) tenant aquisition, 2) lease administration, 3) rent collections, 4) bill payments, 5) maintenance, 6) janitorial services, and other functions and management responsibilities, as agreed to by you in advance. You determine exactly what you want done and let us do the work.

As a client of MMS Properties, you simply select some or all of the above listed items and specifically chose what you would like done for your property and we comply with your requests.

Once we determine what you want done, we provide you with a copy of our property management agreement that specifically spells out our exact responsibilities and our signed agreement as to when and how we will perform these tasks.

Our fees are normally based on a percentage of the rent collected. This means if there is no rent paid by a tenant, no fees are payable by you. Other payment methods are also available.