MMS Properties, LLC

Finding Quality Tenants

MMS can assist you in finding quality tenants for your commercial or residential property. If the majority of your building space is unoccupied, your property becomes a financial liability rather than an asset. Commerical property owners should seek to obtain an occupancy rate of 80% or better. Below 80% occupancy could negatively affect your bottomline.

Commerical Buildings are rarely profitable without quality tenants. Quality tenants are those who pay their rent on time, comply with all the terms of your Lease Agreement and are respectful of your property inside and out.

Finding tenants that meet this definition is not a simple process. MMS Properties has the tools and expertise to help fill your building with quality tenants.

Generally the best sources for finding quality tenants are personal contacts or contacting the people or businesses you know or do business with. These contacts will not only provide names and contact information, but they will also be able to help qualify the tenant they have recommended.

After personal contacts have been exhausted, we advertise or contact a reliable realtor to help pursue finding quality tenants. MMS understands that advertising can be expensive, and is something that we use only when absolutely necessary.

Our networking process has been established only after spending many years developing contacts and working with them successfully. Let us utilize our expertise in helping you get your property occupied.