MMS Properties, LLC

Services Provided by MMS Property Consultants

Over time, MMS Properties has developed a list of sub-contractors that have worked on our properties. We have built a long standing relationship with these individuals and have first hand knowledge that they can do the best possible job at the most efficient cost. As your consultants we can provide you with our expertise in finding the best man for the job.

Examples of the types of services provided by our contractors:

1. Roof Repairs and Replacement

2. HVAC Upgrades and Repairs

3. Plumbing Needs and Repairs

4. Electric Installation and Repairs

5. Ceiling Work of All Kinds

6. Expert Painting: Inside and Out

7. Wall Repairs and Replacement

8. Cement Work and Tuck-Pointing

9. Demolition

10. Asphalt and Parking Lots

11. Hauling and Wast Removal

12.Other Misc. Building Needs

You name the job and we can provide the resources to get it done.